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Frequently Asked Questions


How to consume Conuts coconut water powder?

Each sachet comes with 20gms of Conuts coconut water powder. Empty the contents product into a glass and add 280ml-300ml of cold/chill water and stir it until it is diluted and it is ready to drink.


How long can I keep after mixing the Conuts coconut water powder in a glass?

It is good to consume within 12 hours in rooms temperature and 48 hrs if it is refrigerated.


What is the difference between the Conuts coconut water powder and natural fresh coconut ?


   Comparison between Coconut Water Powder and Fresh Coconut Water 




Fresh Coconut Water

Conuts Coconut Water Powder



Fridge/bigger space

Room Temperature/smaller space



Not Convenient



Shelf Life

1-3 weeks

16 to 24 months



Open environment

Produce under ISO certified environment



Only sold in limited places

Sold Online and off line




Consistent based on formulation




Below market price



One form

Simple and convenient packaging 


How frequent one can consume Conuts coconut water powder?

Recommended to drink one or twice a week or daily after your workout or exercise.


Is it safe for Diabetes patient?

Yes, it is safe as coconut water has magnesium content in the coconut water which increase insulin sensitivity andElectrolytes maintain the electrolytic balance. You may consult your physician prior to consumption. However, like any other food moderation is the key to safety.


Is it safer to consume Conuts coconut water during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to drink during pregnancy as it is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium,vitamin C and other which is suitable for the body during pregnancy. 


Is Conuts coconut water is a Alkaline drink ?

Yes, it is as it has alkalizing properties in the water helping your body to combat acidity.


Can Conuts coconut water powder use for cooking?

Yes, it can be used as an ingredient for beverages, baking and cooking as well.


Does Conuts coconut water powder has any added sugar?

No, its does not have any added sugar. The sugar content is natural sugar content from the coconut water.


Does Conuts coconut water powder has any added preservative, coloring or artificial addictive into it?

No artificial coloring, addictive or preservatives are added into the powder.


What is the benefit of this Conuts coconut water drink?

Conuts coconut water drink is rich with vitamins and minerals and has the below benefits:


A. High in electrolytes therefore it help in re-hydration.

B. Strengthen Immune system to fight infections and diseases.

C. Natural remedy for digestive system disorder.

D. Helps in Urinary disorders and reduces body acidity.

E. Helps in Nausea and Hangovers.

F. Help in Anti-Aging effects. 

G. Antioxidants effect.

H. Reduces inflammation.

I. Help in Weight lost.


Where can we purchase the Conuts coconut water drink ?

You may buy through our Shopline E-commerce, Facebook (Conuts Sdnbhd) and Whatsapp : 019-2364907 and you may visit our website: www.sgcoconut.com to get more information.